Launch night for the Nokia 5800 handset attracts Paris Hilton, Lady Gaga, Jade Jagger and George Sampson

Posted by Dean Piper On January 28th, 2009


Punk nightclub is known for being jam packed with celebs – and last night was no different. The stars flocked in their masses for the exclusive launch of the new Nokia 5800 handset (pretty swish, below) at the Soho Street venue.



The headliners, so to speak, were chart sensation Lady Gaga, Paris Hilton and Jade Jagger. Jade’s man Dan Williams opened the evening with a DJ set and celebrities climbed aboard the pretty incredible touch-activated lit up dancefloor.


Jade’s daughter Assisi (above on the right) – despite being 16 – was freely helping herself to bottles of beer from the barman. Does nobody check ages nowadays? Jade wasn’t arsed anyhow! She seemed a bit moody – and to be quite honest every time I see her she doesn’t really have much to say! The jury’s still out on that one……


I spent much of my night causing mischief with DJ Lisa Moorish (above with the stunning Amber Le Bon). Fag breaks were had with the delightful Jasmine Guinness (below, left) who who told me she’s desperate to make sure she’s seated on a “fun” table at this year’s Elle Style Awards. “Last year my table was terrible,” she whispered.


Lisa and I spied Celebrity Big Brother star Mutya Buena creeping out the fire escape for fags to avoid the paps. Mutya said she’s busy working on the new album. After such a strong debut with her solo material first time around I hope her appearance on the tragic reality show hasn’t botched everything up for her. She had three inch long blue nails on show last night! Interesting…..

I also caught up with Thierry Henry’s ex-missus Claire Merry. She’s a top girl and reportedly worth a cool £10 million after divorcing the footballer now. She has the most amazing legs and bum I think I’ve ever seen. And sported a teeny tiny pair of hot pants to show off her perfect rump! She’s also sensible and went home before all the madness ensued.

Paris spent most of her evening with TV presenter guy Julian Bennett which was slightly random…..and also managed to make Britain’s Got Talent Winner George Sampson’s dreams come true by bending over and giving him a kiss. His pals must be sooooo jealous of that one!


But the real meeting of minds was when Lady Gaga and Paris met up. It was their first time of meeting – and they got on like a house on fire. Paris told me: “Lady Gaga is a complete fashion icon. I totally love her and she’s my new obsession. She likes me and my sister too I heard. I totally want to do a single with her.”

Lady G was just as enthused telling me: “I’m obsessed with fame and here I am standing right next to Mrs Fame herself.” Turning to Paris she said: “And by the way Stars Are Blind was one of my favourite records of all time. It’s a great pop record. Paris is so sweet calling me an icon but it will take more than one hit record to make me an icon.”

I have high hopes for Lady Gaga! She’s already supported the Pussycat Dolls and is well on the way to a successful career. The kookier the outfits the better, Lady!


Other stars at the Nokia 5800 event included Annie Mac, VV Brown, Leigh Francis, David Gandy, Amber Le Bon, Amy Molyneaux from fashion label PPQ, Dancing on Ice star Zoe Salmon (above), Jodie Harsh, Joe Swash, Jack Madeley, gorgeous model Ben Grimes and Fun Loving Criminal Huey Morgan.

My favourite picture of the evening was when Miss Hilton stopped posing for snaps and decided to check her make-up in the mirror – she is just priceless!


Pictures with thanks: Richard Young/Nokia/Mission


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    Ok I am not sure if anyoneagrees but with the most recent Paris Hilton news I feel like it only shows this girl is more worthless. Why doesn’t she do something worthwhile with her parent’s money? Like donate time, money, or anything to someone in need. This would be much better. Right?

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