Britney Spears is going for 14 dates in London…..

Posted by Dean Piper On December 5th, 2008

Britney Spears may be the subject of nationwide controversy since she mimed on X Factor but it’s done nothing to curb the UK’s enthusiasm for the Pop Princess.

In fact I hear that the star has an incredible 14 dates reserved at London’s O2 Arena. The star’s already announced six dates in May and June 2009 but is going to try for 14. My source tells me: “She knows the UK is a big market for her. And wants to repay the fans for supporting her. She wanted to see how many she could do and they think 14 dates is manageable.”

Good for her. Oh, and just remember it will be a great show with amazing production and dancing – and you won’t even notice that she mimes throughout…..

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