The BT and Football Foundation Charity Party – Calum Best, Tom Crane and, er, Peter Shilton!

Posted by Dean Piper On October 23rd, 2008

I’m not one for heights. So God knows why I was persuaded to head to the top of the BT Tower earlier this week for a bash to celebrate the partnership between BT and the Football Foundation Charity Party.


It offers the most spectacular views of the London skyline. It was stunning. But I only caught a wee glimpse of it because my knees didn’t cope quite so well with the height! But it wasn’t just me that struggled with the ear popping party. Top DJ – and Sarah Harding’s other half – Tom Crane nearly had to pull out of the bash once he realised he was DJing up in the tower. He told me: “I’m so rubbish with heights and it was absolute hell being up there for the evening. My knees were literally knocking!” Me too Tommy!


Calum Best turned out at the party with his new bum chum Dale from Big Brother. The pair were extremely pally and were scouting for ladies at the event. Women of London be very afraid! Calum also showed off a few of the skills he no doubt inherited from his father, footie legend George. The organisers set up a pitch and a goal in the corridor downstairs at the tower and held a penalty shoot out with former England goalie Peter Shilton in goal!


I also spotted EastEnders star Steve Macfadden skulking around the bash and Ronnie Wood’s son Tyrone turned out looking slick.

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