Up Close and Personal with Pamela Anderson

Posted by Dean Piper On September 21st, 2008


Pamela Anderson flew into the UK last week to talk about life, kids, sex and her fantastic new reality TV show Pam: Girl on the Loose on the E! Entertainment Television Channel.

I got up close and personal with the former Baywatch babe at London’s Dorchester Hotel to talk about the new show. I asked the platinum blonde how the idea for the show came about. She told me: “It started out that I was going to do a Las Vegas show and the E! show was going to be an eight part documentary series making my own Vegas show. “I thought I could fly out there four times a week – I mean, I would have been dead by now if I’d done that. I decided against it in the end. We’re not allowed to see each other too much – me and Vegas that is. The Vegas nights get kinda crazy.”

Eventually, after her show fell through in Vegas, the E! Channel went to her anyway saying they wanted her on board – but Pammie was skeptical to say the least! “E! said to me they wanted to do a reality show and I was like: “Oh no, the last thing I want to do is some reality show it seems so desperate and it’s something people in the business only do when they are struggling for dollars and they’re really desperate”,” she laughed. “I also thought the E! network was so cheesy and everyone said: “Don’t you dare do it.” So of course I did it to piss everybody off. I did it but I didn’t want cameras in my house and they were not going to have my children around and they couldn’t do things like wake me up in the morning. I’m not shy and they knew they’d get a lot of footage – but not at the expense of my children.”

And talking of children – she says her two young boys are the best sober upper she’s ever had. She says: “Children are my hangover cure – I have to get up no matter what and take them to school – it’s the biggest sober upper in the world. It cures me from drinking a lot on a night out.”

We also got to talk Baywatch….obviously. I asked if she still had her red swimsuit. Flashing a cheeky smile she said: “I still have my costume, are you kidding? I still wear it form time to time!”
I also asked her if she thinks David Hasselhoff is ‘hot’ and she pulled a weird face and giggles: “I just pressed my Help button – eeeek. Next question.”

Take that as a no then!

She also told me her two time hubby Tommy Lee has been calling regularly from child sitting the pair’s sons Brandon and Dylan in Pam’s Malibu house. She wouldn’t confirm or deny whether they were still an item – but described him as probably the love of her life. Bless.

Read the full interview with Pammie in Closer in the coming weeks…..

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  1. Michelle Shrewsbury Says:

    Especially well put

  2. Albert Deangeles Says:

    Pamela Anderson is one of the most beautiful women in the world. She’s also warm hearted to people and animals, as well. She’s all around smart, with business savvy

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