Living TV's 15th Birthday party – Bucks Fizz, Cleopatra, Kelly Brook and Lisa Snowdon

Posted by Dean Piper On September 4th, 2008


Last night I managed to squeeze in a few drinks at Living TV’s 15th Anniversary bash held in Covent Garden’s Piazza. Stars including Kelly Brook, Lisa Snowdon, Tara Palmer Tomkinson, Brendan Cole and model girlfriend Zoe Hobbs and Yvette Fielding piled into the swish bash to celebrate the success of the channel and watch a few extra special performances.

TPT was looking smokin’ hot…..


Check out Brendan and his Strictly partner for this year’s show, Lisa Snowdon….I can’t believe she’s 36!


The first performer of the evening was 90s girl band Cleopatra (Comin’ Atcha). The three girls are about the appear on the channel’s new programme Pop Goes The Band that will reunite dispersed bands and attempt to get them back to their former glory looks and talent wise. Some of the them are going for drastic surgery – and some are just having great makeovers. The last time I remember seeing Cleopatra was when they supported the Spice Girls at Wembley Stadium in 1998!


Sadly the girls from Cleopatra – who can actually really sing – have yet to be resigned to a label but are battling there way into the public arena once more to try and make a big comeback. They seem like genuinely nice girls and are polite and cool. They dress a little differently to the old days – when they had braids, dungarees and crop tops! Right now it’s a bit more of a trashy look – but they are all Beyonce’d up to the max. Good luck to them!

The second performer was Bucks Fizz – including three of the original members. I loved dancing along to the hits Land of Make Believe and Eurovision song Making Your Mind Up. It was camp kitsch classic material. The only slightly amusing thing was Cheryl Baker (of Record Breakers) because she looked like she was a mother to one of the other group members. Bless her. She’s a lovely lady – but was styled like housewife that had come straight from a funeral in all black.

Oh, and guess what star at the bash told me this! They said: “Oh my God Dean, have you seen Madonna’s bloody face? What has she done?” I shall keep this a secret – but it made my night!

Lisa Snowdon was on fine form and loving every minute of training for the first show of Strictly Come Dancing. “I love the fact I’m working out so much and I’ve been able to give up the gym,” she said. And Brendan Cole sounded totally optimistic about their chances of getting to the final of the show. He said: “Lisa’s the best partner I’ve had on this show. She’s committed to winning and trying her best. I’m overwhelmed by her passion for dance.”

I’m definitely on ‘Team Snowdon’ and ‘Team Kidd’ as far as Strictly is concerned……


Living TV has a tonne of other brand new shows in the pipeline to be screening over the coming months. Including Living with Boy George, Living with Jade Goody and Living with Karl and Yvette Fielding – not to mention Lipstick Jungle, Dirty Dancing: The Time Of Your Life and brand new Most Haunted and Grey’s Anatomy.

I left the party and headed home for an early one after a couple of wild nights. The summer dullness seems like it’s officially over people! Woo hoo!

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  1. jon Says:

    Cleopatra look amazing!!!

  2. Carol Says:

    Cleopatra needs to hurry up and come back and give those pretentious singers a run for their money.

  3. Nick Says:

    Cleopatra HAVE TO COMEBACK

  4. Chris Says:

    Cleopatra must comeback !

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