Madonna Exclusive – Christopher Ciccone speaks out….

Posted by Dean Piper On July 31st, 2008


So I had a big old chat with Madonna’s brother Christopher Ciccone – who’s just released the book Life With My Sister Madonna with Wendy Leigh. The book makes for an interesting read and o does my exclusive chat – the full version can be seen over in my Interviews section on the right hand side. Oh, and the book’s available by clicking here.

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  1. simonc Says:

    Let’s face it, he did have a promising carreer in art, video and art direction etc., but he was OBSESSED with riding on his sister’s coat-tails. I read the book; the love of his life didn’t want him “serving” her, but he put himself at her disposal. He ran to every venture she engaged in to basque in her glory, even when he had no experience in the role she employed him for. She did HIM a favour! He could have carried on with his art, videos etc. but he failed and blames her. He is pissed she didn’t do an intro for his planned Vegas show? Dude, sort it out yourself and stop moaning; she moved on, artistically, you didn’t! On one side you resent her status, next you crave it for your own means. Who’s being selfish exactly? You say you are telling things from your point of view, yes withhold names of your ex’s while casually stating the names of her acquantaces. Hypocrite!

    People, If Chris had longevity and talent, he wouldn’t NEED to write this book. The fact that he does, speaks more about himself and his lack of talent, than hers.

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