All the gossip from the Cartier International Polo – Natalie Imbruglia, Kelly Brook, Dita Von Teese and Sam Branson

Posted by Dean Piper On July 29th, 2008

The Cartier International Polo is always a fun day out and one of the highlights of the summer diary. It was even better after reading that they were keeping the calibre of guest up to a high standard and chavvy glamour twit Jordan had failed to get entry altogether! Gutted!

Lunch in the Cartier tent was an absolute treat too – sipping champers throughout the day with lobster salad to star, beautiful mustard crusted lamb for mains and a posh fruity ice cream for dessert! The list of celebrities attending included Harry Potter star Emma Watson, Natalie Imbruglia, Kelly Brook, Dita Von Teese, Sam and Holly Branson, Michael Burke, Moira Stewart, Nicky Haslam, Susie Amy, Margot Stilley, Tina Hobley, Caprice, Christopher Biggins and Duncan James.


Also at the event were a truck load of top models and male actors! I saw Cameron Diaz’s rumoured beau Paul Sculfor chatting to Dolce and Gabbana face David Gandy. Whilst over at the Chinawhite lunch Burberry’s hottest model Danny Beauchamp, film Star Alex Pettyfer and My Family actor Kris Marshall supplied the man power!

Admittedly this year’s event wasn’t quite as star studded as usual in the Cartier – there’s usually a dusting of Hollywood stars there too – but it was very starry indeed over in the Chinawhite side of the proceedings!

In the luxury VIP area 9 Songs star Margo Stilley looked stunning in a Prada dress but had a slight wardrobe malfunction with her Louis Vuitton platforms – the broke! I spotted her marching around saying she would have to send her friend home to get her some replacements!

Sam Branson, sporting a brand new Mohican haircut and accompanied by his beautiful model girlfriend Isabella Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe, impressed me talking in depth about his recent trip to the Arctic on an expedition. He’s raising awareness about global warming and seems intent on becoming the young explorer of the Branson family. Sam tells me: “I’m going to kayak to the North Pole on my next trip. I’ll be on the support team for a group of people kayaking there. It’s very exciting and I might think about releasing some of the pictures in a book on this trip.”

For more information on Sam’s trip and what he’s raising awareness about click here!

Tina Hobley made me laugh when she paired up with Kelly Brook for a picture. The minute after Kelly walked away Tina, who gave birth just a few months ago, said: “Why the hell did I just do that. Have you seen her waist – she’s so bloody skinny and I’m like the fat lump who just had a baby.” I thought she looked absolutely fabulous!

The Chinawhite Rock the Polo after party is where things get out of control too! Jimmy Choo posed for pictures with Emma Watson (who was continually covered in young boys trying to impress her), Kelly Brook seemed to have film actor Alex Pettyfer stuck to her back like a limpet (he followed her everywhere), new Quantum of Solace Bond star Simon Kassianides partied like a rock star and award winning author Salmon Rushdie worked the room and danced like crazy!

My favourite moment of the whole day was when top DJ and music producer Mark Ronson started his set in the Chinawhite tent and presented my good pal Sam Young (also one of the world’s finest Djs) with his birthday cake! Sam celebrated his birthday with pals at the glam polo event! Happy Birthday, pickle!

And, er, finally……

WHICH male celebrity hunk came flying out of a cubicle in the Cartier tent loos warning all the guys within earshot to “not go in that loo because it stinks of shite”. Gross!

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