Will Young performs new tracks at his 'Let It Go' album launch

Posted by Dean Piper On July 25th, 2008


In the past I’ve not always found Will Young that easy to get on with – he can often be either grumpy or stand offish. But he was on fine form and more charming than ever before when we met up for a chat last night after he had performed tracks from his new album Let It Go that comes out on September 29.

And from what I heard last night, Will has another Number One album under his belt. The new material is great – and absolutely perfect for his voice. Smooth, soulful and pretty much the best stuff he’s ever released. He has a great voice live too…..

Will threw a garden party in the grounds of the Fulham Palace to celebrate his first outing of music from the new record. He performed completely live with his band and had two ace backing singers. It was great listening to him perform in front of such an intimate crowd full of mainly record company PRs and journos. The head honchos of 19 Management were there too – including Pop Idol’s Nikki Chapman and big boss Simon Fuller.

Will sang four new songs, hit single Leave Right Now and covered Joni Mitchell’s track Help Me. The new tracks are great. The first single is Changes and is a radio smash hit to start with, Disconnected is slow and pure, album title track Let It Go is my personal favourite and Grace is the soulful classic all the fans will love.

Talking about the new album Will told me: “I’m so excited to be starting work on a new album and performing all the new material.
“The last album was harder to get out and I wasn’t as comfortable with it. I felt far more uneasy about the material last time – but this one has been a really easy process. It was easier to write and easier to record. I feel so much less pressure on this record – it’s just great to be doing another record seven years later.”

Will’s also ecstatic that his new tour has sold out and been extended like it has. “And its amazing that the tour has sold out so well too,” he added. “It’s always a worry that things won’t sell out but we had to add extra dates in the end. So I was thrilled.”

Oh and FYI, Will’s still puffing away on the fags too – and was walking around after his performance with his Marlboro Lights in hand.

This album has instant pop classic written all over it…..and I can’t wait to get my hands on an actual copy!

3 Responses to “Will Young performs new tracks at his 'Let It Go' album launch”

  1. Susan Says:

    I can’t wait to get my hands on an actual copy!

    You and me both – this sounds like it’s going to be his best album yet – Grace is my favourite, and Disconnected is so sum[tuous.

  2. elaine Says:

    Thanks for that review Dean. I’m so looking forward to hearing new material from Will. A class act in my opinion.

  3. Sue W Says:

    I was very excited about Will’s forthcoming album before I read your review, now I am really really excited. Good on Will, never fails to perform ‘completely live’!

    Roll on September 29th!

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