The UK Premiere of the Dark Knight – Christian Bale and Maggie Gyllenhaal

Posted by Dean Piper On July 22nd, 2008


Last night I stepped out to The Dark Knight premiere in Leicester Square. The flick’s already broken all box office records in the States for takings in an opening weekend and it’s definitely going to be huge over here in the UK too.

The film is immense. It’s dark, creepy at times and full of edge of the seat stunts. I loved Heath Ledger’s performance as The Joker, was spellbound by Maggie Gyllenhaal who plays Rachel Dawes, adored Sir Michael Caine as Alfred but I was irritated by Christian Bale as Batman. Not only does he speak with a pathetic daft voice every time he wears the Batsuit, in real life he’s just dull. Really dull. Not even a little bit dull. He doesn’t smile, he seems bored to be promoting the film and he talks like he couldn’t give a toss about the fact he’s starred in one of the biggest films ever.

Speaking on the red carpet Christian was asked how he felt to be stepping into the role of Batman again. He replied: “With all due respect I don’t feel like I was stepping into a role. I feel we were creating something different that people have never seen before. I’ve never been a particular Batman fan or a comic book fan so I was coming in to this film with a different point of view. A fresh view.”

Whatever Trevor!


The person I really enjoyed speaking to was Maggie Gyllenhaal. She was chatty and enjoying every minute of a red carpet event. She stepped out wearing an interesting Stella McCartney black silk halter neck jumpsuit. Some loved the outfit – I personally thought she needed a bra and it made her belly look round. Also, her boobies were wobbling around like mad on the carpet!

Fortunately Maggie has vowed not to look at any write ups about her outfits during her red carpet tour of the world to promote the film. She told me: “To be honest it takes a while for me to get ready – a lot of time. The amount of scrutiny you can face is sometimes unbearable. Bu this time I’m not looking at any pictures or anything people are saying about me because it hurts sometimes – it actually hurts.

“I don’t feel nervous right on the carpet. Getting out of the car is always a little daunting. There was only press at the New York premiere – no normal people. So this is just amazing with all these people who are excited about this movie. It’s intoxicating.

“I guess I always wear what I think is beautiful. And of course I have a stylist. If I had to buy forty outfits on the trips like this then I would do nothing else but think about clothes!”


Interestingly Maggie was also quite vocal about talking about Heath Ledger on the carpet too. With all this Oscar buzz surrounding Heath’s performance I was keen to ask what she thought. She said: “I mean in a way I feel funny about thinking about Oscars for Heath when he isn’t alive.”

Seconds later she added: “But at the same time I’m a member of the Academy and I’d vote for him.”

She clearly loved working with him – I asked her to describe being alongside him in a film and she said: “Heath was…..I mean look, in order to be a good actor you have to find a place where you are free. It’s very unusual to be absolutely free – in the way that he was in this movie. Working with him was such a pleasure.”

And here are the stars of The Dark Knight when they got up to introduce the film inside the premiere…..


Other celebrities to turn out for the premiere included Kelly Osbourne (who looked chic in a sheer black dress), Peaches Geldof, McFly and Atomic Kitten star Liz McClarnon.

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