The diva that is Chaka Khan…..

Posted by Dean Piper On July 9th, 2008


Now, I’m used to waiting for stars to arrive from time to time. But 55-year-old star Chaka Khan took the biscuit the other night when she swung by Paper nightclub to perform three songs to launch her new album.

I ended up being fobbed off by the PR firm and waiting THREE hours to meet the star – who arrived with an entourage the rivalled Queen diva Mariah Carey. But Chaka, who’s plugging her new album Funk This, got there and stood before photographers but wouldn’t allow pictures to be taken until her make-up team came in and touched her up. Ridiculous…..

I did try to make an early exit from the event after becoming bored as hell but a PR flunkie told me: “Dean, it’s Chaka. She’s a legend and worth waiting for.” She may be a legend, but she’s also bloody rude making her fans and the press wait there for that long. Voice or no voice, punctuality doesn’t cost a thing. For an ageing diva to be that late for an event is a big risk – she needs all the good publicity she can get right now. Especially if she wants to flog that album.

Manners don’t cost a thing, Miss Khan!

On the plus side I did manage to catch up with soul singer Beverly Knight who is currently busy as a bee writing a brand new album. She’s one of the celebs I love speaking to the most – she’s genuinely the loveliest star out there.


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