June Sarpong launches Politics and the City!

Posted by Dean Piper On July 9th, 2008


June Sarpong is one of those celebrities that it’s a pleasure to see. And last night saw the former T4 star launch her newest venture – a website designed to encourage young people to get interested in politics and issues that affect us all! Political news from around the world will be reported and then next to reports will be explanations of what it all actually means! I think this is a great idea considering so much political news is full of random phrasing that hardly any of us can understand!

June has got a full team of journalists working on the site, www.politicsandthecity.com, and is going to put in a load of time and effort working on the pages herself.

Politics and the City will feature lots of blogs in the coming from celebrities including Lily Cole, Kylie and Dannii Minogue and Anna Friel. Lily’s just posted her first blog and she talks about seeing Stevie Wonder and what she thinks of the US Presidential Election.

June told me she’s hoping to launch it in the US too soon and will be getting lots more people on board to work on the site. She considers herself a modern day feminist although she did say: “I’m not quite chaining myself to steel bars and burning my bra though!”

The party was held at the ICA in London and guests included Caprice, Seb and Heidi Bishop, Alistair Campbell, Marissa Montgomery, Meg Matthews, Jimmy Choo, Margherita Taylor, Kathy Lette, Jacqueline Gold, Preeya Kalidas, Nat Weller and Imogen Lloyd Webber.

To check out June’s new site click here.

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