Chat Show Queen Trisha Goddard talks about her chemo and being branded "superwoman" by her docs!

Posted by Dean Piper On July 7th, 2008

She may be battling breast cancer – but one thing chat show Queen Trisha Goddard is not doing is getting down in the dumps. In fact the mum-of-two tells me doctors have branded her “superwoman” at the moment because she’s not suffering from any symptoms or illness despite being in the middle of chemotherapy! Speaking at the Hard Rock Calling event in Hyde Park Trisha, 51, said: “The doctors are finding it odd that I’m not suffering from symptoms. They dubbed me superwoman and say that my body is acting like it’s immune to the symptoms of having chemotherapy.
“I put it down to the fact that I was extremely fit going into this and I think it’s helped me during the treatment. I have nine weeks left – or three cycles – of chemo and everything couldn’t be going better.”
The star, who discovered she had the disease in March and quickly had a lumpectomy to remove a cancerous lump, also reveals she’s still working out three times a week despite her chemo. “I’m still running and working out in the gym,” she smiles. “There’s no reason why I shouldn’t and I’m still able to work out properly. I think the fitter you are going into something like breast cancer the better you cope with the treatment. Of course it’s a day by day thing but at the minute I couldn’t be doing better.” Good for you Trish – you’re an example to us all!

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  1. Barbara Says:

    Like you, I kept working out during my chemo so, honestly, I felt fine most of the time. When my hair started to fall out, I went to Hair For You Salon in Arlington Heights, IL ( and the owner, Linda, made sure no one could tell my hair fell out. The wig she set me up with was perfect. Unquestionable, staying in shape physically and appearance-wise helped me get through the chemo and move on.

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