Roller Disco is the latest craze – thanks to Nokia's Skate Almighty!

Posted by Dean Piper On July 2nd, 2008


It’s not every day you get an offer you simply can’t refuse. And my outing yesterday was far too fabulous to resist!
Roller skaters Sean Martin and Tayaran Robinson (the men who got Madonna into skates for the Sorry music video) wanted to give me a skating lesson in preparation for the Nokia Skate Almighty event later this month!

Naturally I wanted to get a celebrity to come down as my guest and have a fun afternoon practising the moves! So I gave Drag Queen extraordinaire Jodie Harsh a bell and we headed down to Pineapple studios to have just over an hours worth of lessons.

Sean immediately told me all about Madonna and how she adapted to being on disco roller boots for the music video. He said: “She was just so focused. She knew she had to get the moves absolutely perfected and was amazingly confident. She was easy to work with because she saw everything as totally achievable.” The bitch!

Check me out copying the ACTUAL moves that Madge does in her video!!!! Totally out of control!



Personally I found keeping my balance hardest but was great at the moves! Meanwhile Jodie was a pro at speeding around the studio – but The Queen (Jodie the is) wasn’t quite as adventurous with the moves! I’m just thankful that Jodie didn’t lose the fabulous wig! In fact Jodie did make me laugh when we walked in and announced looking at a helmet and all the protective pads: “I don’t do helmets – it wouldn’t work with my hair, darling.”


The really exciting thing is that YOU can get your skates on too thank to the guys at Nokia Skate Almighty! The clever people are setting up open air roller disco skating arenas all over the UK with Djs including Hot Chip, Zero 7 and musical legend Norman Jay!

To get skating you need to register and book your skating time to secure a one hour time slot! Log onto and follow the instructions!

London’s South Bank ‘disco’ is on July 11, 12 and 13 July, Birmingham’s Centenary Square event is on 18, 19 and 20 July and the skates take over Manchester on 25, 26 and 27 July.

I’m going again in London next week for the huge star-studded launch party – and model of the moment Alice Dellal has apparently shot some incredible campaign shots for the Skate Almighty event. I can’t wait to see them – although I doubt she’ll manage to look as cool as me! Yes, I am joking….


Pic: With thanks to Gareth Davies

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