Hard Rock Calling – The Police's final UK gig, Trisha Goddard and Sheryl Crow mouths off

Posted by Dean Piper On June 30th, 2008

I had an amazingly chilled weekend in Hyde Park – and it was jam packed full of top named celebrities at the Hard Rock Calling concerts.

On the Saturday I hung in the luxurious VIP Hard Rock area where the likes of Kimberly Stewart, Trisha Goddard and all the acts chilled out before and after their sets. It was free burgers, mojitos and ice-cream all day! Although I must admit the Nachos that me and my friend Alice woofed down were not a great idea – we waddled around for the entire afternoon feeling sick and full up!
We hung out for a while with last year’s Apprentice winner Simon Ambrose – he hilariously turned up in ‘disguise’ dressed as an Australian surfer. He was wearing a baseball cap, board shorts, flip flops and a vest. Me and Alice obviously ribbed him for his bizarre outfit…..and quite rightly too!!!

I also bumped into Sarah Cawood too – who was there with her dad. He was a jolly nice chap and Sarah tells me she’s busy working hard. She’s a good egg that one…..

Anyway, John Mayer was the first performer we watched. He was ace – but very mid tempo…..and possibly for an older audience.


He may be very good to look at, but his tunes did make you want to curl up and snooze in the sunshine! His girlfriend Jennifer Aniston was there too and stood at the side of the stage watching her man and taking pictures of him….kinda pervy – but good on her for showing up to support her boy.

She was only spotted a couple of times – including in this sneeky backstage shot below from when she walked up to the stage…….nice jeans…..


The second act I saw was Sheryl Crow – she’s a great performer live. Her voice is just as smoky and raw as you would expect and she held the crowd together throughout. There was only one moment that I was confused by her performance – when she introduced a song about how ‘gasoline’ and how petrol should be free! Not very green for someone who promoted wiping your ass with one square of toilet paper.

Elsewhere Sheryl decided to dedicate a song to layabouts in Hollywood who just wanted to “be famous for being famous”. Sheryl said: “I won’t mention names – but, er, Paris Hilton.” The crowd roared with applause!

The headline act was Eric Clapton for the Saturday night – I watched a little bit and snuck off early. It was a bit too ‘old person central’ when he came on. And the little blighter wasn’t playing songs I knew! He also banned photographers from being allowed into the pit area – they were only allowed to shoot him with a long lens from the crowd. Diva or what?!


The Sunday line-up was far more me. The Police performed there final ever UK show and support came from KT Tunstall (above), Starsailor and The Bangles (below).


The Bangles went down extremely well at the Hard Rock event. They played hits like Manic Monday, Eternal Flame and Walk Like An Egyptian as well as some new stuff. Their voices sounded great and they all looked great too! Good for them.

KT was on flying form and her voice sounds awesome – but it was all about The Police for pretty much everyone. Sting was on great form – belting out all the 30 year old bands biggest hits. Me and my guest Lucinda (below, looking uber glam in her Tom Ford shades) danced our socks off to Every Little Thing she Does is Magic, Walking on the Moon and Every Breath You Take.


On the Sunday Little Britain’s Matt Lucas turned out to the Hard Rock area and made his first public appearance since he announced he was to divorce his partner Kevin McGee. He didn’t look down in the dumps though – he was actually quite chipper enjoying the Police perform when I saw him. Alan Rickman was also there wandering around with his long time girlfriend!

And as you can see Matt didn’t look down in the dumps at all! In fact he’s looking quite the opposite!


I stood right behind Fearne Cotton during the Police performance – and she was with her Radio One sidekick Reggie Yates. They seem like such good buddies…..
They are both obsessed with taking pictures and the pair of them snapped away on their digital cameras when Sting came within capturing distance at the side of the stage! Bless them!


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