Jack Black, Lucy Liu and Dustin Hoffman walk the carpet for Kung Fu Panda

Posted by Dean Piper On June 27th, 2008


New animated flick Kung Fu Panda is getting rave reviews. And fans came out in there hundreds to see the film’s stars Jack Black, Lucy Liu, Dustin Hoffman and Ian McShane (yes, Ian who starred in Lovejoy).

There was one cast member unable to attend though – Angelina Jolie. The knocked up star is putting her feet up in France before giving birth to her twins in around two weeks. Ange provides the voice of a tiger in the film.

In Cannes this year, to launch the movie, Jack actually broke the news to the world’s media that the actress was expecting twins! Fortunately he was a little less vocal this time around…..

Jack was asked if he would be buying Angelina a gift for her children. He replied: “Maybe I will. I think I owe her one.”

He added: “I don’t want to spill any beans, because I got in trouble last time I spilt the beans. I’m keeping all my beans to myself this time.

“I’m sad that she’s not here because she always makes a splash when she shows up, but I’m glad because no-one pays attention to me when she’s here. I become invisible.”

Dustin Hoffman refused to be drawn on Jolie’s absence, saying: “I’m not sad. If my wife wasn’t here, I’d be sad.”

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