Meeting Sarah Brown, Penny Smith's book launch and Fin's footwear launches!

Posted by Dean Piper On June 25th, 2008

I started off my evening last night popping into the Fin’s Shoe launch at the effortlessly cool Brompton Quarter Café and restaurant on the Brompton Road.

I’ve been wearing the baby blue version of these shoes for the past few weeks and I can’t recommend them enough. Comfortable, cool and exceedingly chic for a guy to wear throughout the summer. It was so refreshing to go to a launch that was for men – obviously there were women there, but it was all about the cool guys swanning around in their best Fin’s footwear.


Imogen Lloyd Webber popped by and said daddy Sir Andrew was a fan, social Queen Marissa Montgomery wore her uber cool sand coloured Louboutin studded boots, Knightsbridge hairdresser Paul Edmonds mingled with the young bunch and up and coming television presenter Louise Roe looked stunning as per usual.

Log onto to purchase your pair now……

From there I headed off to the book launch party for the debut novel from GMTV newsgirl Penny Smith. It’s called Coming Up Next and the cute little blonde managed to pen the book in her annual three week summer holiday from the show – and apparently it’s an ace read.

The room at The Glass Bar on Glasshouse Street was packed full of good names who came out to support Penny.


I immediately bumped into Ingrid Tarrant (who seemed ecstatic and relieved to have finally got her divorce through from Chris this week), impressionist Jon Culshaw, Angus Deayton, jungle bunny Christopher Biggins, Kate Garraway, Andrea Smith, Alice Beer and cheeky Richard Arnold.

Fiona Phillips
was on fine form and we spoke about juggling her time with the kids and all of her jobs. She has a column, a radio show, GMTV and a family to look after. It’s exhausting just listening to her. She did surprise me saying that in her opinion Chris Martin from Coldplay was the celebrity “with the most integrity”. I disagree with her on this one – Chris knows what he’s doing and knew what the job of fronting a rock band was when he got into the game. He should just deal with it!


The most surprising guest of the evening was the Prime Minister’s wife Sarah Brown (pictured above). It turns out the pair have been pals with Penny for 22 years! She even posed up for a picture with me and Penny. She was lovely – and seemed very well dressed. She admitted she hadn’t read the book as yet – but got a freebie signed by the lady herself! A fun night out and in bed by midnight! Hoorah!

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