Heidi range from the Sugababes' flight nightmare!

Posted by Dean Piper On June 24th, 2008

Sugababe Heidi Range needs to get your cute little backside onto a fear of flying course pronto. Unlike other pop stars at the Isle Of Wight festival who choppered there way into the festival site, Heidi was stuck using the roads and a packed ferry. The shaky star told me: “I actually researched it and helicopters are more dangerous than aeroplanes, so no way would I get on one! My doctor had to prescribe me valium for when I go on tour so that I just pass out on every flight.” Heidi’s still beaming after recently moving in with her man of five years, TV presenter Dave Berry. And so far there have been no nasty surprises. “He’s actually very clean for a guy, so I haven’t discovered any toe nail clippings on the bathroom floor or anything. I have one strict rule though, which is he has to put all dirty laundry straight in the laundry bin. I can’t stand it lying on the floor.” You tell him Heidi!

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