Keira Knightley, Matthew Rhys and Sienna Miller at the Edge of Love Premiere

Posted by Dean Piper On June 20th, 2008


Last Night I went off to the Edge Of Love premiere – the new film starring Sienna Miller, Keira Knightley, Matthew Rhys and Cillian Murphy.

I don’t often watch the films at a premiere – opting to duck out for dinner before the after party – but I watched this one and loved it. It’s written by Keira’s mum Sharman Macdonald and tells the story of the poet Dylan Thomas and his two lovers in wartime Britain. Sharman sat right in front of me in the cinema and was crying towards the end in the final scene watching her daughter on screen. Both Keira and Sienna are great in it – although Sienna’s accent is supposed to be Irish and it sounds a bit random from time to time.
Sienna also looks surprisingly older in the film too. She actually had to fatten up for this role and you can really see it on the screen – she looks miles bigger than Keira.

Sienna’s mum Jo told me afterwards that she was in tears towards the end too…..bless the crying mums!

I spoke to Matthew Rhys and asked if he was dating anybody right now (he’s rumoured to be back canoodling with Sienna once again now she’s single from ditching Rhys Ifans). He replied: “I’m single.” He laughed when I asked whether he was a ‘scallywag’ like Dylan is portrayed in the film. He quipped: “Dare I answer that. We are both Welsh and I tried my hand at poetry once but it didn’t work out. I’ll leave the scallwag criticisms to others who know me!”

Actress Emilia Fox played coy when I asked her if she was looking forward to being an auntie to brother Lawrence and Billie Piper’s baby. “Am I going to be an auntie? You might know more than I do then because I’ve been away filming in Johannesburg for six weeks doing an episode of Silent Witness. So I haven’t caught up on family news. It would be great if it was true.” Erm, come on Emilia. Billie’s got a bump and everything!

The party, held at the Berkeley Hotel in Knightsbridge and sponsored by Elle magazine and Moet and Chandon champagne, was a grand affair with free flowing booze and lots of stars popping in to the ballroom area.

I caught up with Keira Knightley and she was on flying form. Everyone’s bound to bang on about how skinny she is – but she’s always been bloody skinny. I think everyone needs to get over the fact that’s how Keira’s built.
I also discussed cheese with her. She grew up in Teddington – next to where I live in Hampton and we both frequent the same framer’s market. She told me: “It’s honestly the best place to get great cheese. Me and my mum are always in there when we are in town.”

It looked like a slightly tense moment when Keira’s ex-boyfriend Jamie Dornan and her current beau Rupert Friend stood chatting for a while….. I desperately tried to earwig on that one but couldn’t quite grasp the conversation!

I also spotted charming model Ben Grimes, X-Files star Gillian Anderson, fashion designer Matthew Williamson and model of the moment Poppy Delevingne.

Keira and Sienna eventually separated from the main party and went into a private room to hang out with friends. Sienna didn’t arrive until later on after filming the Jonathan Ross show and I watched her have a mini diva fit whilst posing for the cameras inside the party. As the crowd of snappers started yelling to get her attention Sienna waved at her PR team and said: “Tell them to stop shouting.” It’s what they do lover…..she should know that by now!

Edge of Love is out today!

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