My thoughts on Agyness Deyn!

Posted by Dean Piper On June 11th, 2008


I’m starting to have a problem with Supermodel Agyness Deyn. Now don’t get me wrong, she’s stunning and I love her work as a model.
But Aggy isn’t doing herself any favours with the amount of partying and event hopping that she’s been doing lately. In fact she’s dangerously near over exposure if you ask me!
In the last three days alone she’s been to a Chanel party (admittedly high end), the new VIP Karaoke Box at Smithfield, Shoreditch House and even popped into bosom buddy Henry Holland’s Wrigley’s Get Extra Close party too. It’s far too much partying if you ask me.
The whole fascination created with Kate Moss when she was young was that she never got over exposed and never party hopped to parties hosted by chewing gum brands. It’s all very well accepting nice envelopes of cash to wear a random outfit and be hounded by paparazzi at a random bash but overall it’s harmful to her future. And worryingly everyone I know in the industry is starting to agree. We are all getting a little bit bored of it – already!
There are also only so many random outfits she can wear before I start thinking she’s insane. Men’s shoes, All Star trainers with a spiked heel and a Union Jack handbag have all been the Aggy mistakes this week. At least Kate and the other Supermodels wear clothes the girls can copy and that the High Street adore. It’s all very well dressing like you’ve raided a mufti cupboard but if a normal girl dressed like Agyness she’d probably be sectioned.
I’m all for standing out in a crowd but I hope Agyness – and the people behind her – tighten the reigns a little. She has a bright future ahead of her but too much too soon will only harm her reputation.

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