Michelle Heaton and Andy Scott Lee's marriage is over!

Posted by Dean Piper On June 5th, 2008

How sad. Michelle Heaton and Andy Scott Lee have called time on their marriage of less than two years. The pair got hitched in October 2006 but have parted ways over the past few days. Michelle’s agent confirmed: “Michelle and Andy have sadly split.”

Having known the pair for years it’s sad to write this. Details of what went wrong are yet to come out! No doubt the Sunday papers are going to have a field day! Eeeek.

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  1. katy Says:

    I was a big fan of liberty x and i love michelle and andy but i watched their reality show and they didn’t look very genuinely happy from the start… the problem with celebrity marriages is they can be so superficial and based upon shared interest in the industry as apposed to getting along doing the dishes and putting out the trash!! good luck you guys you both deserve to find true love xx

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