Britney Spears and Larry Rudolph plan Las Vegas shows

Posted by Dean Piper On May 30th, 2008

Before Britney Spears’ notorious meltdown towards the end of last year Britney’s then manager Larry Rudolph was in negotiations with hotels in Las Vegas about the pop star having a residency at one of the plush hotels.

Then during her meltdown everything was called off when Britney ditched Larry. Well, he was actually always more of a lawyer than a music manager anyway….

Anyway, now Britney’s getting better – I am told it’s going to be a long process of recovery – she’s taken Larry back on as her manager and the idea of a residency in Las Vegas is back in the pipeline. A source reveals: “Larry had the deal ready to sign before but this time round it’s being re-negotiated. The money’s bigger this time too. You are talkign $60 million if she were to do a six month residency.” Not bad money for Britters – not that she needs it.

It would be ace to see her back on stage – especially now he’s back working out in the gym so much and looking better every day! You go, Brit.

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  1. Napoleon Dorph Says:

    With recent hair cutting, muddy videos, marriage failures or just a new pop single release there is a good deal happening close to her. You can not help but note her. Recently many people have become a top devotee and can not get too much info or postings about her life history. The tv age is her chance for money but will it be her downfall with way too much coverage and pressure. In fact I guess that this blog entry and my remark are part of the identical publicity I commented about.

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