Phil Collins retires after his lifetime achievement Ivor Novello

Posted by Dean Piper On May 27th, 2008

Phil Collins tells me he’s not planning on recording or performing any new music from now on. So I guess he’s retired! Winning a lifetime achievement gong at the Ivor Novello Awards last week, he told me: “This award is a full stop to my career. I won’t say ‘nothing more’ but it’s definitely a time where the priorities in my life have changed and I have too little boys. I did the final farewell tour and the kids are the most important thing I have right now. My world revolves around them. I’m staying at home with them.
“I will still write – that’s something I can’t stop. But there will be no performing for the foreseeable.”
And talking of his award he added: “I have got song writing awards from the eighties and nineties. Getting awards like an Ivor feels like it’s something that still has some legitimacy about it. I’m proud to receive it. It’s about song writing and the craft rather than people voting for you or anything like that.”
Don’t worry Phil – I will keep you alive in spirit and continue to request Easy Lover with my pal Alice at Raffles!

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