Duffy talks Gavin and Stacey and Take That to Heart

Posted by Dean Piper On May 27th, 2008

This week Duffy was a guest on Heart radio and recorded a special live set on the roof of Heart Towers for Emma B’s Sunday Show – check out the picture too of her performing.

Duffy is the biggest thing in the UK right now – and the US has followed because she’s now sitting pretty at Number Four in the album charts over there!


Duffy On her success
“It’s just so encouraging. For many years I’ve been wondering if I’m actually crazy. I’m thinking, “Have I got what it takes? Am I kidding myself?” And then you finally get there and you get that appreciation. I don’t discredit it, I really value it.
“I don’t want to be loved, I’m not looking for admiration, I just want to play a part in music and have my little say and express myself and do what I need to do. I’m really just so happy about the way it’s going because it feels worthwhile.
I don’t want to seem like a I won the lottery, like a kid got lucky. It must look really weird to people like, “Who the hell’s this girl and where did she come from?” I’ve just got to remember why I’m doing this and always have to listen to my own voice.”

How does the Duffster manage to be so be cheerful all the time?
“For me it’s all about people being happy. I did a signing the other day in Virgin, I think it was Union Square. However, I almost said Times Square which would have been really embarrassing for me but just as we were going up the lifts, I said “Oh, Times Square’s lovely, isn’t it?” and they were like (puts on American accent) “Union Square, Miss.” I did it and I had to sign about 250 autographs and everyone was so lovely and I did three TV appearances that day and technically I should be in a bad mood, or you should be tired and over it but people are just so nice. I just want people to be happy and if that means me going in and them having a good time and being welcoming.“

Duffy is desperate to star in hit TV series Gavin and Stacey…
“The Welsh nature is quite welcoming, the community spirit. I don’t know if you watch Gavin and Stacey but they couldn’t have got it closer to what we’re actually like – beers on the weekend, possibly a little scuffle and a nice cup of tea on a Sunday afternoon with your family and friends.
“I would love to (star in Gavin and Stacey)! I’m actually asking them to invite me. I wanna be on it! That would be amazing. Do you know what I wouldn’t be precious about it, or snobby, I’d actually be a wedding singer or something. I’d love it. Get me on!”

On Aretha Franklin having her house repossessed…
“I’m gonna plead to someone in America, give her a room, give her a hug, put her up. Save Aretha campaign.”

On growing up…
“I was a chunky child for many years, I was quite fat but then I shedded it off with my obsessive compulsive disorder. I think I have that, you have to in music you’ve gotta get it right. I didn’t know anything about any other country until about four months ago. Genuinely. I really lived a shallow life. I didn’t travel that much.”

On her image…

“I don’t want everyone to fancy me, I don’t wanna be the most beautiful woman. I don’t care. You’ve just gotta put that ego part of yourself aside because we all care. I’m 23, I’m not gonna lie to you and say it doesn’t bother me but it’s not what I’m about.”

Has she been asked to do the Bond theme?
“Well. I haven’t got the memo about it yet, although I’m hoping it comes through my mailbox, if you know what I mean? But no, I’ve not heard anything about it, although I would rightfully give my right arm to do it.”

On Take That…

“I appreciate their comeback, I appreciate the quality of their songs and Gary Barlow is a very smart man. I met them, I met Jason Orange, and I met Mark (Owen). I actually met Mark in Peter Jones in Sloane Square. He had a baby and he was lovely and he was like, “Oh, it’s you.” and I was like, “And it’s you.” My sister touched him and said, “I just touched Mark from Take That.” And I was like, “Grow up Katie! You‘re not eight anymore.” I bitched slapped her in the lift.”


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