Jade Jagger's VIP Cannes bash, Kelly Brook and Billy Zane and Mark Ronson's nightmare

Posted by Dean Piper On May 20th, 2008

Last night was the final leg of the worldwide Belvedere Vodka Jagger Dagger events. They’ve been all over the world to show off Jade Jagger’s pricey ice dagger and finally Cannes nightclub VIP hosed the last bash. Just check out the ice Jagger Dagger in action!

Jade was on flying form by all accounts. Her other half, Dan Williams, was on the decks at the start of the evening and later on Mark Ronson took over at VIP to play for the crowds. Although Mark’s normally the hottest thing out there, he wasn’t exactly made to feel welcome at the event. In fact he was thrown off the decks after just an hour because the club’s bosses weren’t happy with his indie inspired tunes. Read Mr Showbiz next week to find out what he had to say about it!

Despite being in town, Jade’s daddy Mick Jagger didn’t show up to support his little girl. Maybe he didn’t want to ruin his hair in the torrential rain! It was a smoker’s nightmare….
I caught up with GMTV’s Jenni Falconer at the bash but she quickly made for the exit after a couple of cocktails because she had to be up for 5am to prepare for her live Cannes report. She said she’s been struggling for the past day or so to stay awake. “I was doing great and totally up for it for the first few days,” she giggled. “But it’s tiring and I’ve hit the wall.”

I finally got to catch up with Kelly Brook and Billy Zane too. The pair, who got back together last week after splitting two months ago, looked lovey dovey sitting down in the club. Admittedly Billy did try and get into the clubbing spirit and danced with his hands in the air when Ronson started playing – but Kelly just doesn’t strike me as a clubber. She seemed confused by it all.
Hilariously the pair actually asked to pop along to the event after bumping into Belvedere organisers the day before. A mole tells me: “They were in a restaurant and overheard people saying there was a Belvedere party and asked if they could come.” Does that mean they had to beg for an invite then? I think it does…..

Mike Tyson turned up again at VIP and the crowd went insane when P Diddy arrived with a huge entourage and proceeded to hit the stage and get the crowd whipped up into a frenzy.

My favourite sight of the evening was when I stood near the entrance of the club at 2.30am. I could see camera flashes and out of the darkness came Goldie Hawn. She may be well into her sixties but the girl isn’t afraid of a packed nightclub. Her partying is becoming legendary this year – two nights before she’d been spotted snogging a guy on the dancefloor at one club. Kurt Russell who?

Jude Law’s been causing quite a stir out here too – he hit the Century club yesterday evening for a world peace event. Its his first outing since pictures surfaced of him snogging the face off of Kimberly Stewart at an Essex nightclub. How very random! Click here to read about that!

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