Lady V, the Boujis party and meeting Mike Tyson!

Posted by Dean Piper On May 19th, 2008


Yesterday was pure bliss in Cannes. The sun was shining, people were out and about and I kept bumping into incredibly random celebrities. Very random.

Firstly Sanjay from Eastenders (his name slips my mind) seems to be going wherever I go. I saw him on a boat party I popped too in the evening and then he appeared on the croisette too. Is he my stalker? That wouldn’t be cool would it!
My next random sighting came as I stumbled out of the Boujis party at 3am on the beach. Somebody asked me what time it was and a voice suddenly went: “It’s Chico time.” I looked round and it was X-Factor contestant Chico. How weird is that? I didn’t realise Chico the movie was launching at Cannes!

Then on the beach that morning I looked up from above my refreshing Fiji water and spied Abs from Five. Too second later he was perched on the end of my sunbed telling me he was staying with his pal Lisa Voice in Hotel Du Cap. Get him. He has a tattoo on his neck now that says Delicious…..

I had a phone call telling me Kelly Brook and Billy Zane were on the beach at the plush Century club around 3pm. I guess they are back together properly then…..


At about 6pm I popped over to see Lady Victoria Hervey and up and coming actor Tim Wade at a boat party to launch a new film called Catwalk. It was a small little affair – with lots of cool London people swanning around. Tamara Beckwith called Victoria as we sat enjoying the sun saying she was on Valentino’s boat five down from us and that she’d get changed and join us. I shot off for dinner at London’s exclusive Hospital club before that! The posh club in Covent Garden have set up shop in Cannes for a few days and they do a great burger!


Then it was over to the Boujis party where I caught up with DJ Sam Young (pretty much the world’s most in demand DJ of the moment, don’t you know), met the forever moaning journalist Liz Jones who seemed bored shitless and former EastEnders star Chris Parker. He’s a funny guy – so boyish and baby faced it’s almost annoying.

Something weird happened at Boujis though – I met a celebrity who I never ever really wanted to meet but I was always intrigued about. The boxer Mike Tyson. He’s in town launching a film and was in Boujis to party I guess. He shook my hand and it was the biggest hand in the world. Freakishly large actually and yet he had a surprisingly soft grip. We chatted for a few minutes and I eventually left him to it – he wanted girls on his lap, not a pretty blonde thing like me! It was very strange meeting him though – usually I try and hold my judgement back until I’ve met someone. I got an instant vibe from him that he was a scary and dodgy guy. His aura was intense.

Bring on another night of partying in Cannes……

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