Sex and the City World Premiere

Posted by Dean Piper On May 14th, 2008

Sex and the City sweeped into London town on Monday for it’s official World Premiere. It was a circus and a half!
I’ve actually not been to a premiere of that craziness for years – the crowds went absolutely wild when the celebrity cars started to arrive.
Hilariously the first car that pulled up was blacked out and looked as if Sarah Jessica Parker was going to tumble out but the crowd started to boo when WAG Alex Curran stepped out looking cheap as chips in her footballer’s wives getup. She must have been gutted to realise she was actually the lowest rent celebrity at the event…..

The guest list, aside from SJP, Kim Catrall, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon, included Lisa Snowdon, Tess Daly, Davina McCall, Donna Air, the Sugababes, Vivienne Westwood, Nelly and Kelly Rowland.
I’d love to be able to tell you about the film – but all journalists were banned from the film and the party. Extremely disappointing. Does this mean the flick’s a dud? Or is it that they don’t want people to reveal the plot? Whatever the reason, I hear nobody on the cast dies in the film and it’s left fully open for a sequel. Hoorah.

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