Exclusive picture preview of Helen Mirren and James McAvoy in The Last Station

Posted by Dean Piper On May 13th, 2008

Here’s your first look at new blockbuster The Last Station – the new flick that tells the story of novelist Leo Tolstoy.

The flick’s been filming in Germany for the past few months and stars the likes of Helen Mirren, James McAvoy and his missus Anne Marie Duff.

A few choice observations from moi. How dressed down and scary looking does Queen star Helen look? She’s scaring the hell out of me. Meanwhile James is looking like the man candy of the film – and actually even hotter than he was in Atonement if you ask me.

The film is set for a Spring 2009 release and has Oscar nominations written all over it!






And for an intellectual synopsis of the flick – here you go…..

Sixteen years younger than Leo Tolstoy, his wife Sofya, bore him 13
children and is determined to preserve his enormous wealth for her
children’s future.
Valentin, an idealistic young student, leaves Moscow to work for
Sofya and Tolstoy. When he arrives, Valentin meets Masha, a beautiful young
teacher and suddenly his vow of celibacy is forgotten!
Sofya and Tolstoy are increasingly at odds. Tolstoy is torn between
his professed doctrine of poverty and his great personal wealth. Chertkov,
Tolstoy’s friend and leading disciple, urges him to sign a new will and
leave his estate ‘to the people’ while Sofya battles his every move.
Valentin tries not to take sides but inevitably gets caught up in
the struggle. Outraged at Valentin’s apparent lack of cooperation, Chertkov
spitefully fires Masha.
Tolstoy, in his final days, makes a run for peace. Too ill to
continue beyond the tiny railway station at Astapovo, he stops while
hundreds camp outside awaiting hourly reports. Sofya travels to the station
determined to be with her husband.
Tolstoy often claimed that marriage was the best thing that had
ever happened to him. After his death, Sofya remarked: “I lived with him
for forty-eight years, but I never really learned what kind of man he was.”

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    What ? No mention of STAR Christopher Plummer—Mr Plummer is a phenomenal, genius and he isn’t even recognized in this article. Why does he never get the recognition he so deserves? The man deserves an Oscar for so many brilliant roles, yet he has never been nominated

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    I agree with you. There’s more on Plummer here:


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