Radio 1's Big Weekend: Madonna sings, Pixie dances and Duffy shines…..

Posted by Dean Piper On May 11th, 2008

Radio 1’s Big Weekend is always a super excuse for a big weekend trip to an out of London location to watch some cool music and enjoy the festival atmosphere.
Me and my hot date Alice Wilson (of Raffles nightclub fame, don’t you know) headed out to Maidstone in Kent to spend Saturday mingling with the stars and catching some music acts.

Admittedly we didn’t watch that many acts and spent most of the time mingling around the press area and chatting to the celebs in attendance. Alice (pictured with me below) settled down for drinks with Rav from the Screws and they hit it off big time. They share a passion – vodka.


Anyway, Madonna headlined the event in the evening. It was basically a promotional opportunity for the legend to perform for a crowd of some 12,000 or so punters. It was all new songs from Hard Candy. She played Candy Shop, Miles Away, 4 Minutes, Hung Up, Give It To Me and finished on Music. She played a little bit of Like A Prayer to try and give a little something back to the crowd.
Now, as one of the biggest Madge fans in the world I have to say I was disappointing. Don’t get me wrong, she was slick as ever with the dancing, her voice sounded great and she looked shit hot. But the crowd wanted classics and they got a PR opportunity. They felt cheated and amazingly some of the crowd towards the back were yelling “fuck off you’re rubbish” at the stage when we slipped out early! That’s a bit harsh obviously but eeeek……

Note to Madge: You are still the best out there despite your age but you need to mix it up when it comes to performing. Hung Up and Music were too new – and you keep playing this stinking guitar. It doesn’t work. Just bash out an eighties track you love with a new twinge and everyone will be happy.

Hilariously I hear when organizers booked Madonna and spoke about what rider she would require to perform at the weekend the US star’s people said: “Think of your Queen, and then some.” Classic.

Me and Alice danced along to Madge with Pixie Geldof (who explained she doesn’t often wear a bra) and the charming Fifi Brown. Pixie is hilarious fun. She’s growing up and seems full of common sense. I like her….
She said her sister Peaches is doing just great and keeping busy after last week’s tabloids revealed she’d been caught buying a few naughty Class A wraps. We posed (below) for a snap doing Peaches favourite pose – the two finger ‘Peach Salute’!


Alice managed to meet her hero – Dan Gillespie from The Feeling. She was ecstatic bless her. Dan revealed his top secret to looking fabulous for a picture. He squealed: “You have to pout. The more the better.” As you can see – he clearly was pouting! The Feeling was the only other act we caught on stage – they were ace.


I posed up with the wonderful Welsh singer Duffy and DJ Nick Grimshaw for a snap (see below). Duffy was bloody ace and performed an exclusive set in the VIP bar where we hung out. She sang her hit singles and a fantastic version of Madonna’s Borderline. If only Madge had taken her lead!


I caught up with DJs Edith Bowman and Jo Whiley and we gossed about their pregnancies. Edith is eight months gone – Jo is three months pregnant with her fourth child. Edith’s looking forward to getting her baby into music and hopefully strapping the little boy onto her back for the festivals and Jo told me all about Madonna giving her advice on getting back into shape after the birth.

Not everything was so fun though. I’ve been dying to meet Swedish singer Robyn (below) for ages too – but I wish I’d never bothered. Her chat stinks. Maybe it’s the language barrier but all I got was one word answers and it was really dull. I asked her about performing and she said: “It was great.” Then if she liked the comparison between her and Gwen Stefani in live performing, she said: “I’ve never seen her.” And then if she was looking forward to Madge and she said: “I leave now. So no.” She really burst my bubble – no matter how good her album is……big shame!


All in all Radio One proved yet again that they are ahead of the game when it comes to live music. Thanks to Indy, Nick, Jaime and the team for making my job so easy!

To see all the performances online click here for Radio 1′s Big Weekend site……

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    Nickelodeon would always play my favorite shows on TV. I remember the commercial breaks they were always fun to watch, I still miss those days. Don’t get me wrong shows like drake n josh can be a blast sometimes but nothing can compare with double dare or other old school cartoons.

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