Jade Jagger's Belvedere Jagger Dagger London launch

Posted by Dean Piper On May 9th, 2008

I love posh events. So it was a pleasure to accept an invite to dine alongside Jade Jagger at the launch of her Belvedere Jagger Dagger at London’s fabulous Automat club.

Jade’s designed this exquisite bejewelled Jagger Dagger which will be placed around the world in all the top nightclubs for bar staff to literally chip away (ala Sharon Stone in basic Instinct) to create jagged ice for everyone’s Belvedere vodka! How cool is that?

The food was OK – I had an oyster for starters, lobster for my main and a few too many Belvedere orange blossom cocktails. Eeeek.

Jade’s daughters Assisi, 15, and Amber, 12, were at the bash right at the beginning of the evening and were dressed far older than their young years! They look so much like their mother – and they were clearly rather thirsty. They seemed to be drinking quite a few cocktails. I’m naturally assuming they were virgin versions of the adult drinkies. But I cannot be sure!

The night attracted some great names. Mark Ronson stepped out with new girlfriend Daisy Lowe, model of the moment Alice Dellal played with pals including Pete Doherty’s ‘ex’ Portia Freeman, Lisa B looked like she’d had a little something done to her face giving her a frozen face, Alexa Chung didn’t stay for long and shot off for another dinner before the Automat dinner started, Olivia Inge hung out smoking with an absolutely battered Kate Spicer, Pussy Glamore’s Marissa Montgomery left early to attend the Caudwell Children’s Charity ball and Primal Scream star Bobby Gillespie and his wife Katy England looked generally out of it!

I spent a while talking to the lovely Davinia Taylor – who says she’s been behaving on staying off the grog for the last month. We spoke about Kate Moss, who was due to attend the evening. In the end Kate had to pull out after one of her close friends committed suicide…..sounds like a nightmare. The supermodel attended his funeral this morning.

Jodie Harsh told me she’s been losing too much weight of late and doesn’t know why. She said: ‘I’ve been shoveling down food non stop but I just can’t put weight on. It’s annoying.” The Drag Queen also revealed that she’s set to star in Moloko star Roisin Murphy’s next music video. Jodie revealed: “I play Roisin’s mum. It’s very exciting.” Roisin was actully there with Jodie and the pair continually went for a smoke out the front of the bash.

Adele was on flying form too after finishing her UK ten-date tour. The star sold out all her venues and says she enjoyed performing live. She wasn’t that enamoured with the food though at Automat. She’s not a fish girl. She giggled: “I don’t do fish. I get scared I will get ill eating it because it’s not done right or something. My mum did a BBQ for me the other day and she did King Prawns and I refused to eat them I was so scared!” Adele’s soon off to America for her US tour dates. Good luck to her.

The real star of the event was Sir Mick Jagger – who turned out to support his daughter with her latest business venture. Mick sat talking and hilariously didn’t allow any pictures to be taken of him until he was ready to pose. All the snappers were lined up waiting! A pal of mine spoke to Mick and he revealed he was ecstatic that Boris Johnson had been voted in as London Mayor. He didn’t vote for him though – because he was abroad and forgot to sort his postal vote out before he went away. Classic

After the event I headed to Raffles – my favourite Chelsea haunt – for some late night drinkies Saffron Aldridge slurped cocktails in a corner for a while and Lisa B popped in for some drinks too. All in all, a great night.

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