Geri Halliwell confirms it's a NO to another Spice performance – and her pop career is over!

Posted by Dean Piper On April 29th, 2008

Geri Halliwell confirmed it’s a big no to the Nelson Mandela performance, as revealed yesterday!

Questioned about rumours the Spice Girls will perform for Nelson Mandela’s 90th Birthday, Geri replied to Lorraine Kelly on LK Today this morning: “I think we’re not collectively, but individually we’re going to do bits and bobs”.

She also admitted she felt her career in pop music may be over for good – she said, “I feel like I’ve done it. I feel really comfortable doing the writing. I think – as a pop star – I’ve had my day.”

Talking about the recent Spice tour, Geri says having her daughter Bluebell around helped her feel grounded. “Kids really set the tone. They’re genuine, happy and I feel like they teach me how to live…. they put things into perspective.” She also added her fame fails to impress her own daughter – “She couldn’t give a monkey’s – she’s not bothered at all!”
That might be because she’s not even two yet Gezza! She doesn’t even know where her nose is!

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