Russell Brand talks about fancying Beckham!

Posted by Dean Piper On April 25th, 2008

Russell Brand is doing seriously well right now in the States with the success of Forgetting Sarah Marshall. He’s at the top of the US box office with the comedy flick. He’s been getting up to all sorts this week and told BBC Radio 1’s Edith Bowman all about it – just check out some of his hilarious Brandisms below!
On America…..
Edith Bowman: Have you broken America?
Russell Brand: I think it was broken when I got there – if anything, I fixed it!  Bloody place!
On having man crushes…..
Russell said: “I met Beckham, really like him, he did some swearing….it was really bad – you don’t expect it!  I wanted to poke his white pouch with a lolly stick! I have a man crush on him, I get them quite regularly.  I’ve got one on Adam Sandler at the moment – I got a proper man crush on him.  He don’t know about it…he won’t like that!  He think’s it’s gay I have Soya milk….mind you, I do drink it off his bottom!”
On the sex scenes in the new flick!
Russell: “It’s difficult to do sex when there’s that many people watching, plus I’d sort of exaggerated my sexual abilities so they made me do all sorts of crippling things, from which I’m still suffering – one of my lower vertebrates had to be replaced by a 50 pence piece!
Have you got a date movie?
Russell: “I would like to go and see the film The Elephant Man on a date because at the end of that people are normally emotionally disturbed and also you do seem more attractive!”

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