What I'm into right now…..

Posted by Dean Piper On April 23rd, 2008

It’s been a while since I’ve told you what I’m excited about lately and what I’ve been swinging by other than A-List premieres! So here goes!

My good pal Georgina Bouzova of Casualty and Strictly Come Dancing fame has been a busy bumble bee setting up her own clothing business. Her new company Barefoot Blondie produces multi functional and eco-friendly clothing for modern day women. Lots of comfy hoodies and yoga wear!
Anyway, Georgie seems to be doing very well – especially because none other than Madonna has been spotted wearing one of her Barefoot Blondie hoodies. What a perfect item of clothing for the ultimate yoga Queen eh!

You can order all your bits online and they also do some great pregnancy yoga wear – pregnant star tamzin Outhwaite has ordered some gear from the site too! Have a look at the fabulous gear by logging onto www.barefootblondie.com or by clicking here.

The event of the year is already looking like being Madonna’s headline appearance on May 10th at Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Maidstone Kent. I’ll be heading down on the day with my biatch Alice! But you can win tickets for the big weekend that features artists including Nelly, Robyn and Goldfrapp to mention just a few! To register for tickets log onto www.bbc.co.uk/radio1.

Last night I popped into a lovely little party at London’s Punk nightclub for a brand new website that’s been launched by Project Catwalk judge Nick Ede and The Clothes Show’s Brendan Courtney. The lovely boys, you look like cute little twins on their website, will take you on and transform your look with a day of pampering, shopping and generally improving your all round look. Their new site is also jam packed full of tips and pointers on how to have natural celebrity style. It’s a must for anyone that needs a few pointers in the styling stakes!
The launch party last night attracted a whole host of big names including catwalk star Olivia Inge, Andrea McLean, Ingrid Tarrant, Catalina Guirado and Camilla Dallerup.
Click here (or log onto www.ihatemylook.com) to check out this brilliant new venture from the boys. Good luck guys.


There’s only one CD to be listening too now that the summer is trying it’s hardest to crack it’s way through the clouds! The king of vintage disco Dimitri releases a brand new Playboy mansion CD on May 12 and it’s seriously good. I’ve been whizzing around in my car to the smooth house floor fillers. The CD has two sides to it – Partytime and Sexytime! Partytime features tracks including Jamiroquai’s Cosmic Girl and the Sexytime side features classics like Marvin Gaye’s I want You. It’s bound to have you bopping at the start of an evening and groaning at the end of the night!
Full the full track listing and more information click here – or log onto http://www.defected.com/promo/albums/dimitri.
Dimitri From Paris – Return to the Playboy Mansion is out May 12.

I’ve decided to ditch my usual Virgin Active gym membership in order to try out the brand new Nintendo Wii gimmick. It’s called Wii Fitness and it’s the latest venture from the brand which acts as a personal trainer in your living room. It guides you through 40 different aerobic, yoga, muscle and balance exercises.
Sarah Harding, Gabby and Kenny Logan and Nell McAndrew turned out for the launch earlier today! Marathon Queen and general fitness buff Nell told me: “I tend to take for granted that I know how to exercise and it’s a big part of my life. The Wii is great because it really is like having a personal trainer at home, it teaches you how to do all sorts of things, like lunges and yoga stretches.
“I think it would be great for families – instead of sitting around watching TV, you can all get up and get fit. I loved the skiing activity, I’ve never been skiing before, so I didn’t have a clue what to do, it was hilarious.” Sounds ace!

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