Three and Out premiere: Mackenzie Crook and Bond Girl Gemma Arterton talks about Quantum of Solace

Posted by Dean Piper On April 22nd, 2008

I popped to Leicester Square to see the stars at the World Premiere of Three and Out – a comedy starring Mackenzie Crook that includes a storyline about suicides on the London Underground.

The film’s caused controversy about the storyline as you can imagine and Mackenzie even got into a confrontation with one of the members of ASLEF – a tube drivers union. I watched as one of the heads of the group told Mackenzie they were furious about the film. He handled it well and replied: “Please watch the film and you will see it’s not all about train suicide. Honestly.” I can vouch it isn’t!

Mackenzie was joined by Harry Potter actress Imelda Staunton on the carpet. She told me she was ecstatic to be involved in the flick. She said: “I was actually only on the shoot for five days but it was very enjoyable. I did just two scenes with MacKenzie and he was a total pleasure to work with. I haven’t seen the film yet so I’m excited like everybody else.”

The real person everyone got slightly trouser twitchy over was hot new actress Gemma Arterton. She’s a main character in Three and Out and soon to appear as a Bond Girl in the next James Bond flick, Quantum of Solace. Speaking about last night’s red carpet and the prospect of the big Bond premiere in October she told me: “It’s quite mad and I get really nervous by everything. It’s overwhelming. The Bond premiere is going to be totally mad so this is my warm up. I haven’t picked a dress yet! I’m sure they’ll be loads of dresses that come my way.”

And did she enjoy driving those swish Bond cars? Not from the sounds of it. “I was in old bangers and it wasn’t very glamorous in my shooting schedule,” she laughed.

But my favourite moment of the carpet came when trashy twit Jodie Marsh paraded up the red carpet with her rank new fake boobies on display. Jodie walked up to Edith Bowman from Radio One who was hosting the red carpet arrivals for the crowds and Edith hilariously said: “Why are you here?” Jodie replied: “Erm, to show off my new boobs I guess.” Jodes, I applaud your honesty.

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