EXCLUSIVE: Grey's Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey talks about being sexy, eating haggis and new flick Made of Honour

Posted by Dean Piper On April 22nd, 2008

My second premiere of last night was for McDreamy’s premiere, Made of Honour. Patrick Dempsey, his gorgeous wife Jillian and a handful of stars turned out to watch the flick and perv at Patrick’s buns. I was lucky enough to get up close and personal with star – who’s skinnier and shorter than you would think in real life.


I caught up with the lovely Vanessa Feltz to start with and spotted EastEnders star Mohammed George, Claudia Winkleman and hubby Kris Thykier and Lisa Maffia knocking about.

But it was all about Grey’s Anatomy actor Patrick, who drank Cristal champers having dinner upstairs at the Soho Hotel while the film was shown in the cinema.

Speaking about Made of Honour he said: “It was a blast making this film and it was great to work in England and a great road trip to go up and film in the Isle of Skye. I tried haggis too – I won’t be doing that again. You have to close your eyes and not think about what’s in it.”

And what does the star prefer doing – film or TV? “They are so different,” he explained. “I think I find film a longer process and this film was a little longer because we constantly worked on the script and changed it and perfected it as we went along. I think television is much harder actually. The filming schedules are relentless for me and we start for Greys shooting in June and go through to May and the hours are longer. It’s insane.”

But the best part was asking him about being a sex symbol (he’s regularly voted the second sexiest man in the world in magazine polls behind Matt Damon). He finds it hilarious when he’s asked so I said: “Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, George Clooney or Patrick Dempsey – who’s sexiest?” Patrick replied: “I think this has to be my year. I’m always pipped to the top by one of those guys. I’m consistently number two nowadays. This year has got to be my year. I’m going to call George and Matt and tell them to let me have it – they should step aside for one year and let me win. I deserve it because I’m not eating bread or sugar and I’m keeping my hair good too. Ha ha.”

Pic: Richard Young

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