Harry Potter Exclusive…..Emma Watson's 18th birthday bash…..the details

Posted by Dean Piper On April 19th, 2008

Harry Potter star Emma Watson has a two big reasons to celebrate this evening. Firstly, she turned 18 earlier this week. Secondly, she got her hands on the £20 million she’s earnt from the film franchise this week too thanks to her turning of age. Reports this week revealed she’s even been having training sessions at British bank Coutts to make sure she doesn’t do a Lindsay a chuck her hard earned dosh down the drain.

The star, who plays Hermione Granger in the flicks, has hired the whole of London’s exclusive restaurant and club Automat on Dover Street tonight for her big double celebration. Razorlight guitarist Johnny Borrell and a truck load of A-Listers are expected. Why not head down and take a peek yourselves!

UPDATE:  Apparently Emma hired top London DJ Sam Young to spin the tunes for her exclusive bash. Get her. Sam’s becoming the only DJ the celebs rely on for music nowadays…..

2 Responses to “Harry Potter Exclusive…..Emma Watson's 18th birthday bash…..the details”

  1. tabitoo Says:

    Yeah, I’ll believe it when I see pics.

  2. emma Says:

    hahhaha..what utter nonsense!dover st??
    chuck $ down the drain??

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