Madonna's Hard and Delicious Candy: My review….

Posted by Dean Piper On April 7th, 2008

Hard Candy drops on April 28th but I have already been fortunate to have a sneak listen to the record at an exclusive playback in London today. A handful of journos piled into 3 Rooms in Shoreditch to hear it.

The decor was totally fab – giant candy emblazoned with Madge pictures and a lovely little goddie bag featuring all M’s latest pictorials.

So the album. Overall it’s easily as good as Confessions…..if not better. It’s a dancefloor filler from start to finish. At times I’d say there’s a bit too much going on with some of the tracks but it’s a fun album that I reckon could exceed the last album in global success. I only had one little listen but here’s my initial thoughts on the album! And a picture of me and my Madonna branded lolly! I got a D for….Dean! Ha ha.


1. Candy Shop – “Come into my store, we got candy galore,” Madge purrs. It’s a little less frantic as 4 Minutes but a good single if it were to be released – definitely catchy.

2. 4 Minutes – A killer tune that we already know and love.

3. Give it 2 Me – She’s just filmed the video for this track, the second single. It starts off with an Abba twinge and it’s almost circusy. It gets almost techno and rave style towards the end and there’s some enjoyable heavy mechanical voice work towards the end. It’s a definite radio hit.

4. Heartbeat – starts off with the sound of a beating heart. This track sticks in your head – it feels like an ace track from the Bedtime Stories era.

5. Miles Away – An acoustic guitar starts at the beginning. It’s vocally very Madonna and possibly a little Ray Of Lightish! It’s all over the internet on You Tube if you fancy a listen…..

6. She’s Not Me – This song feels very personal – is she yelling and screeching at hubby Guy’s ex Tania Strecker (who Madonna pushed out the way to get Guy) when she squeals: “She’s not me and she never will be!” There’s anger and it’s great.

7. Incredible – It’s very happy as a record. Has a furious ending that goes on and on. It’s fairly dark and gets very NERD-ish towards the end.

8. Beat Goes On – Disco number and very fun. It’s electro with a hip hop edge and has a great orchestral bit. One of my favourite tracks.

9. Dance Tonight – It feels like the ‘Forbidden Love’ track of the album. It’s smooth and sexier than most tracks on the album. Dancy towards the end and feels like proper old school Madge.

10. Spanish Lessons – The gypsy guitar is out and proud. I wanted to walk around the room click my fingers and slamming my feet on the floor.

11. Devil Wouldn’t Recognize You – I really wanted to listen to this one again big time! Stand out track for me – that’s what I wrote down but I was mingling around at the time and have memory loss annoyingly!

12. Voices – “Who is the master and who is the slave,” Madge asks. It’s dramatic with strings and slightly more laid back and chilled. A good end to a fab new album.

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  1. michelle Says:

    wow!! your so very lucky!! wish i could have been there too.. what i would do for a goddie bag!! ohh please is there anyway you would be nice enough!! to send me a little something from the madonna listening party..? xx

  2. Kim | Media om Hard Candy Says:

    [...] Dean Piper som var på the big listening party i London skriver: [...]

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