EXCLUSIVE: Model Caprice becomes a granny….

Posted by Dean Piper On March 30th, 2008

Model and lingerie designer Caprice has become a granny. I kid you not, the 36-year-old is now a ‘granny’ after her pet Chihuahua gave birth to five pups unexpectedly two weeks ago. Caprice beamed: “I just thought she was getting fat and then the vet told me she was pregnant. And next thing you know I’m pulling pups out of her ‘gina’. They came out in a bag and I had to rip the bag open and rub them to life. It was so emotional and I didn’t even wear gloves. My pet’s name is Stinker – and she certainly is….she ate the afterbirth afterwards. It’s full of nutrients apparently. I’m only keeping the runt of the bunch and I’m calling him Chilli!” Sweet! Just check out Stinker feeding her little ones!


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