Holly Willoughby talks boobs and Gareth Gates and new shots from Oli.co.uk campaign….

Posted by Dean Piper On March 29th, 2008

Holly Willoughby covered her lilies up (for once) to appear at the Royal Television Society awards last week. She told me she’s ecstatic Suzanne Shaw won Dancing on Ice – but still wishes her bosom buddy (sorry, couldn’t resist) Gareth Gates had been crowned champion. She said: “Suzanne will go far. Myleene Klass proved to us that she’s a talented great girl, and I know that Suzanne will do the same. I was gutted Gareth didn’t win though – I love that boy to bits. He did so well but at the end of the day he wasn’t as good as the other three.” And talking about those sexy outfits once again she said: “I don’t get why people find my outfits offensive. I’ve always worn these outfits, I like to wear feminine sexy clothes. Someone said to me tonight: “I see you don’t have your cleavage out tonight” which i was shocked by! It’s not as if I’m constantly walking about with them (her boobs) on show. I just wear clothes I like I don’t understand all the fuss.” Erm, did Holly not look down throughout the Dancing On Ice shows?! Hmmmm.

Fortunately the stunner has decided to keep her clothes on and actually looks super dooper cool in new shots for the stylish website, which she’s an ambassador for – www.oli.co.uk.


In fact 84% of the website’s users have voted her their top fashion icon! She must be doing something right then! Speaking about this online vote she said: “It’s great to have 84% of Oli.co.uk customers backing my style sense. Oli’s new collection is right on trend and they have some great designers on board this season, not to mention an exclusive new designer boutique at oli.co.uk/onoffboutique. I’m personally looking forward to rocking the city shorts and high waisted look this summer!”

And just look at these exclusive snaps of Holly looking all model-esque. You go girl! (If you want to buy these bits and bobs from the piccies then click here)



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  1. Daniel Says:

    Holly should be come a porn star coz she is so fit and looks sexy all the time trust me.

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