Capital Awards and those gorgeous Spice Girls!

Posted by Dean Piper On March 25th, 2008

The Capital 95.8 FM Awards in aid of Help a London Child are always a big time scream and this year was no different.

The guest list was thankfully void of loooooosers from Big Brother, there wasn’t a former wannabe Apprentice in sight and only one glamour girl dared show her face.

Held in a hotel on the banks of the river Thames, I knew it was going to be a good one when I waltzed in and was greeted with the biggest hug from my old mucker Jodie Kidd. Later on we discussed how she’s recently found new love on the slopes during her spring holiday….she wouldn’t give a name though. Later on I spotted Duncan James from Blue with Jodes and they were craftily avoiding paps for a rolly fag around the side. Dunc’s just come back from a skiing trip with Tara Palmer Tomkinson. He told me: “TPT kept taking me up these huge slopes and telling me I’d be fine despite my inexperience. So then she’d shoot off and I’d try to follow and end up on my arse.” Hilarious.

My favourite part of the afternoon’s proceedings was when Jordan and Peter Andre presented an award to Mika for best male. He didn’t want to go near the pair when he went up to collect the gong – he clearly thinks they are berks.
He stepped back when Jordan went to give him a kiss on the cheek and refused to shake Peter’s hand. No doubt the pair will slag Mika off in their numerous interviews this week. It was classic to watch.

But the real highlight was seeing my two favourite Spice Girls. Mel C and Emma Bunton picked up the Icon Award at the ceremony. Now I’m the first to admit Emma Bunton’s been taking a bad picture of late. But she looked petite and cute in real life. Obviously takes a bad piccie!


Mel told reporters she was glad and relieved the Spice Girls Tour was over. But she told me she’d loved every minute of it. She beamed: “It was a great experience. No regrets and we had such a laugh. It’s great to be back though.” She’s absolutely ecstatic to be preparing for a full tour of Canada as Mel C (not Sporty) and will hopefully do some sort of UK festival date if her schedules work. Mel also looks better than she ever has done – and was wearing a slicker than average tux to the event.

I also saw…..

Girls Aloud star Kimberly Walsh dashing for her car after falling ill half way through the dinner…Former EastEnder Sean Maguire looking pretty damn handsome walking up the stairs…Louise Redknapp wandering around and posing next to Jodie Kidd for a picture (it was like little and large)…Jason Donovan being pestered by autograph hunters…Robyn adjusting her collar after leaving the female loo…Kelly Rowland desperately asking organizers to organise for Estelle to come and meet her (despite Estelle having left already)….

All in all it was a great afternoon.

And to finish off my day I went for dinner with friends (at Chez Bonsor with Alfie) and ended up disco dancing like a weirdo in Raffles in Chelsea. I was feeling slightly out of control though and last remember having a full-blown lapdance from Lisa Moorish (who was DJing) on the dancefloor. Lisa had definitely done that before… fact I was a minute away from putting a tenner in her pocket! Ha ha.

Picture: Jon Furniss

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