The Apprentice Series 4: The first review!

Posted by Dean Piper On March 18th, 2008

So I’ve just had a sneaky peek at the first episode of the brand new series of The Apprentice. I sat at the screening just four rows away from Sir Alan Sugar himself.

The 16 new contestants are hilarious – some of them are already going to end up becoming the laughing stock of the Nation. One guy in particular you have to watch out for. His name’s Raef Bjayou and he’s the biggest pompous twerp I’ve ever seen in my life. He describes everything in his life in the third person, is hilariously rude without even realising it and thinks of himself as being better than anyone and anything.

The most annoying thing about the show for me was the “know it all” Sara Dhada. Nobody likes a know it all, Sara Whateveryournameis!

Anyway, the first episode challenge is to become a fishmonger for the day! The contestants are split into boys and girls and given the task of selling off £600 worth of fresh fish at a market of their choice. The winner is the group that makes the most money! It’s addictive viewing.

Now, I’ll be honest I’ve never watched the Apprentice before but this year I’m officially already hooked!

Sir Alan took questions from the media afterwards. He didn’t sound that enamoured with last year’s winner Simon and said he had a lot to learn but added: “Let’s just say he hasn’t sold Canary Wharf yet, but he’ll get there.”
He was also asked by one cheeky journalist which celebrity he would love to shoot out into the stratosphere forever.

He replied instantly: “Heather Mills. She’s just Long John Silver’s great granddaughter. Ouch.

The Apprentice starts a 12-week run on BBC One at 9pm, Wednesday 26th March.

4 Responses to “The Apprentice Series 4: The first review!”

  1. Emma Says:

    Hi! Do you see all the eps before they air? Like will you see this Weds. one before it shows?

  2. Jan Says:

    “If one makes one mistake one shouldn’t dwell on it”

    yeah that is third person lol

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