Lipsy, Fake Bake and Liverpool Fashion week

Posted by Dean Piper On March 14th, 2008

You might want to sit down. What I’m about to say is truly shocking. I went to the north yesterday. Mr Showbiz braved it and went up to Liverpool!
They speak different up there, it’s WAG central and everyone is surprisingly friendlier than London people.

I was a guest of Lipsy clothing and the team down at Fake Bake tanning for a big fashion show to mark Liverpool Fashion Week. Probably wasn’t best that just a few short days ago I was a guest at Vivienne Westwood’s inspirational runway show in London. The Lipsy show was, er, interesting let’s put it that way.

To be invited you needed an orange glow, a WAG worthy outfit and some sort of hairpiece. Held at the Kingdom club the bash was fun – and the Lipsy clothes were cool for the high street too.

I hung out with a few of the Hollyoaks cast including my old mucker Roxanne McKee. She’s a lovely lass and told me she was filming horrific prison scenes right now where her character gets beaten up in the show. We’ll get to see what she’s talking about within seven weeks on the show!

Also there was Ray Quinn – who creepily hasn’t aged one day since X-Factor – and horse face Grace Adams and her BB boy toy Mickey. I’m amazed they still get invited to events….

WAG Charlotte Mears made me laugh. She got her Fake Bake spray tan and decided instead of washing it off she’d leave it on. BIG MISTAKE. She looked like she’s been rolling in dirt. But kept saying she loved her tan. Deluded!

I ended up going to the after show bash at Newz bar with Atomic Kitten Liz McLarnon and her pal Vivianna and footballer Cisse’s wife Jade. It wasn’t long before we were hungry so we shot off to a nearby kebab house. It was called Hot and Tender – classy or what? Liz was dressed to the nines ordering a chicken kebab with extra mayo and chips. Bless her. Afterwards we took our dirtburgers back to her hotel suite and sat gossiping before hitting the sack at 2.30am.

So that was my night out in Liverpool!

Before I go I must say Happy Birthday to Jodie Harsh – my favourite Drag Queen. I hear Jodes partied til the wee hours with countless celeb pals including Lily Allen, Agyness Deyn, Peaches and Pixie and Will Young at Bungalow 8! Jodes, sorry I missed the fun! Mwah!

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  1. Boshena57 Says:

    Pity you did not take a photo of Charlotte Mears with her terrible fake tan. I have been after a photo of one of those to put on my website for some time now.
    So far only Lindsay Lohan has been a really good example of really bad tans. That girl has no idea how to use tanning product properly.

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