Party report: Sky's exclusive screening of The Italian Job

Posted by Dean Piper On March 7th, 2008

I’m the first to admit I find cars slightly dull. I make only one exception…..that fabulous movie The Italian Job.
And last night I was invited down to see the newly remastered HD quality version of the old Michael Caine classic at a posh Sky Movies screening in the cinema at London’s Soho Hotel. They’ve remastered both Zulu and The Italian Job as part of the Sky Movies Classics Michael Caine season. The channel are showcasing 10 of Caine’s films (between March 9-16) to celebrate the actors 75th birthday!

Anyway, back to the bash. Firstly, let me tell you – the Soho Hotel is ‘the shit’ when it comes to finger food and they do the best canapes in the world. Freshly battered cod and chips, goats cheese patties, hot dogs with whole grain mustard and even pizza. I was stuffed. I stood talking to Heart DJ Toby Anstis for a while. He was there with his former girlfriend who’s in a girlband nowadays. Toby’s a funny one. He shoveled a goats cheese pattie in his gob and then looked like he was gone spit it out. After a big swallow he told me: “Eeeeew. I hate goats cheese. Yuck.”

Tobes – always check the item before you start to woof it up!

I had a nice chat with the hilariously camp Strictly Come Dancing judge Bruno Tonioli who is just about to leave to head back to the States to judge another season of the US version Dancing with the Stars. He told me he’s excited about the new contestants. He said: “We have great new people on the show. I love Priscilla Presley so it will be amazing to have her there. I want all the Presley family there to support her throughout the season. And then there’s Steve Guttenberg. I can’t wait for him.”

The organisers at Sky pulled out all the stops to make sure we had a great cocktail hour before the film started.
They even installed a Scaletrix set for guests to enjoy. I had a race off with Pearl Lowe’s delightful model daughter Daisy. I lost naturally. She was very good and controlled her car easily. I, on the other hand, got bored and ran my car off the track so I could head to the bar!


Daisy’s incredibly sexy, exceedingly sweet and, er, hungry. I watched her gobble down fish, numerous slices of pizza and a few patties. How refreshing to see a model that eats. Daisy is living in New York currently but tells me she’s been back to the UK a lot. She said inbetween eating: “I’ve been back for shoots and jobs more than I have been living in New York. I love modeling but I’ve literally been flying everywhere without recovering from jet lag and I’m not sure what time zone I’m in anymore. It’s very confusing.
“I do love my job though – the highlight of my career was doing runway for Vivienne Westwood during London Fashion Week. It was incredible.”

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