CELEB GOSSIP: 27 Dresses Premiere

Posted by Dean Piper On March 5th, 2008

So I thought I’d be really clever and get Katie Samuel from the Closer offices to review the new Katherine Heigl chick flick 27 Dresses in 27 words after attending the premiere last night. And she came up trumps. Katie tells me: “It’s cheesy like you would have expected it to be. It’s a film that doesn’t try to be what it’s not. Katherine Heigl is really likeable too.”

I absolutely adored Katherine in Knocked Up! I hope she’s good in this one too.
Earlier in the day yesterday at Sketch bar Mica Paris launched an amazing celebrity auction of 27 individually donated dresses from celebs including Kylie and Geri Halliwell. You can actually bid for the dresses too at www.ebay.co.uk/27dresses.

At the premiere lots of pretty celebrity ladies turned out in their Sunday best. Keisha and Amelle from the Sugababes brought the real star quality to the premiere. Amelle was with boyfriend of five years Freddie Fuller. It was his first night out since being attacked by a guy with a machete over the Christmas break. Amelle told me he’s almost back to full fitness. She said: “Freddie still goes into hospital regularly to have his arm checked but he’s almost recovered. It was a horrible time, not the nicest Christmas but we’re through it now and we’re so much stronger. I feel sorry for him all the shit he’s been through.

“We’ve been together five years now and I really hope we get married. I’m
not the kind of girl to dream about it or to drop hints though. It’s got to
be a surprise, all day long!”

Big Brother’s fashionable twins Samanda, soul diva Beverly Knight, TV presenter Tania Bryer and that burke Danielle Lloyd. I’m so over Danielle and her publicity seeking ways. There’s only two words for dirty Danielle: DESPERATE DAN! Can’t she just stay single for more than a week???

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