A few showbiz gossip bits for you…..

Posted by Dean Piper On March 3rd, 2008

* A little known fact for you all. Kid Rock is known as ‘Bobby’ to his friends. Hysterical.

* Shhhhh – Which tiny movie star isn’t quite as ‘friendly’ with stars in Hollywood as he makes out? Apparently a number of the A-List guests at his wedding last year were “paid to appear”. No surprise there!

* Madonna is looking forward to turning 50 later this year far more than any of us could have imagined. She even talked about ageing last week. In a press conference to announce her latest album “Hard Candy” she told one reporter who whispered 5-0: “It’s not a bad word – you can say it. I see it as another excuse to have a birthday party.” That ‘party’ will include a huge celebration for her coming of age in Central Park in August.

I’m getting a sneaky listen of the new album in the next few weeks and will do a full review for you all!

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