Simon Cowell talks Leona Lewis and Disney

Posted by Dean Piper On February 25th, 2008

Simon Cowell’s officially hilarious. He turned up to Elton’s Oscar viewing party and told me: “I don’t really care about the Oscars – it’s not my bag. I come to the party for Elton and to raise money for a great cause – his Aids Foundation. The Oscars really are not my thing. I don’t know who’s nominated or what films!”
And from the sounds of it his co-host on American Idol, Paula Abdul, has done something right for once. He said: “I was disappointed with Paula’s new video – it’s actually quite good. I really didn’t want to like it.”
Anyway, what films does Simon like to relax watching? “I love the old Disney films,” he admitted. “That’s what I love watching when I’m at home. Anything Disney – I find it really relaxing.”
But naturally there was one thing niggling him on the night – the fact Leona Lewis lost out at the Brit Awards last week. He said: “Don’t even get me started about the Brits winners. I despair about that show. I think it’s elitist and I don’t think it’s based on popularity. It’s awards show like this that show what a poor state the music industry is really in. It’s elitist and that’s why I don’t ever bother going. Leona was robbed. That’s all I’ll say.” I couldn’t agree more!

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