Elton's party rocked…..and Sean Penn's dating model Petra Nemcova!

Posted by Dean Piper On February 25th, 2008

The 16th Annual Elton John Aids Foundation Oscar Party really was mind blowing! It was one of those events where I was among BIG stars and completely able to talk to them on the red carpet and briefly afterwards at the after show drinks.

So I took advantage of this big style.


First on my hit list was Indiana Jones himself, Harrison Ford, and his skinny girlfriend Calista Flockhart. I thought she’d actually started to look better weight wise recently. WRONG. She is stick thin. Tinier than any other star I’ve ever seen face to face. I was shocked. I congratulated Harrison on reprising his role in Indiana Jones again and shook his hand. He has old man’s turkey neck – you know what I mean, when you get old and your neck gets loose skin flapping around. Proper legend though! He clearly likes to party. Patricia Clarkson and Bungalow 8′s Amy Sacco were trying to persuade the pair to go to a party but Harrison squealed: “But Madonna hasn’t invited me so how can I go?” It must be hard in the A-List.

I also met an even bigger legend! Stevie Wonder!!!! We chatted about his music and it was absolutely immense meeting him. I even manhandled him into posing for a picture with me – see!!!


The talk of the party was Petra Nemcova and Sean Penn. They are dating. The pair arrived together and Sean refused to talk on the red carpet – but waited for Petra to finish the carpet and saw her at the end. They were very careful to not be seen looking like a couple all night but I caught Petra stroking Sean’s back and whispering into his ear at the after party. They looked like a hot couple actually. This is Sean’s first fling since his marriage to Robin Penn Wright dissolved a few months ago…..

I caught up with Simon Cowell at the bash and he told me he hoped Sharon Osbourne won’t leave the X-Factor (as it’s rumoured). He genuinely wants her to stay. He also revealed he wasn’t enjoying the current season of American Idol that much – he said it reminded him of this years X-factor and described it as ‘just a bit flat’.

Eva Herzigova told me all about her post baby weight loss, Elton John talked to me on the red carpet about wanting to help out Britney Spears but said until she’s ready to help herself there was nothing he could really do, Nadine Coyle was cagey as hell when I asked if she’d found her passport yet after failing to turn up to the Brit Awards after claiming she’d lost it (she couldn’t run away from me quicker if she had tried! And was hanging out with Roberto Cavalli throughout the evening!) and Sharon Stone told me the secret to looking so good was “family and a lot of love”. Hmmmm. Don’t you mean a good surgeon and a tonne of make-up?

Needless to say the performances were incredible after the auction (which raised $5.1 million). Elton performed 12 or so songs in the end and invited some extra special guests up onto the stage to sing with him. Jake Shears from the Scissor Sisters performed and then soul diva Mary J Blige got up and sang Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues. Her voice is sensational but it made me laugh that she kept looking down to read the words throughout the performance. She killed it whether she was reading or not….

I spent my time throughout the performance hanging out with Natasha Henstridge of Species fame. She’s soon to be seen in the hottest new TV show – which she describes as ‘a bit of a spiritual Ally McBeal type show’ – over here where she stars opposite Johnny Lee Miller and George Michael. We danced to Tiny Dancer and Rocket Man. I guess I was filling in for her boy toy Darius Danesh who’s currently rehearsing in London for Trevor Nunn’s new musical production of Gone with the Wind.

Minnie Driver was there looking fabulously pregnant but refusing to discuss it when I pinned her down about it – she was wearing comfortable wedges underneath her back dress and left early.

I also met……..Jason Lewis and Chris Noth (Smith and Big) from Sex and the City. They wouldn’t talk about the new movie before you ask….US news legend Larry King….rock goddess Courtney Love who told me she was finishing her new album….Seal and Heidi Klum who look totally besotted in really life….Faye Dunaway – who’s face is actually melting right off nowadays thanks to all her surgery….Ellen DeGeneres and her lover Portia De Rossi – I asked Ellen if she would be ‘shaking it’ inside for the performance and she replied: “I’m shaking it right now inside.” Whatever Trevor!

The only disappointing thing was that Prince was due to be the big surprise guest on stage at the party with Elton. He turned up. Eight security guards. Stood there backstage. But didn’t end up going on. G-u-t-t-e-d.

Once again it was an incredible event for an incredible cause and the highlight of my Oscar weekend! Thanks to Christina Lee of Rogers and Cowan for all of her help on the night.

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