Raining in LA – but celebs are out to play! Trinny and Angelina!

Posted by Dean Piper On February 24th, 2008

So yesterday I popped over the see my friend Fraser at my favourite store – Kitson on Robertson Boulevard. It’s the place where all the big names shop in LA. Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Courtney Cox Arquette and Britney have all been seen there recently.

But when I popped in there was a British star shopping there – skinny Trinny of Trinny and Susannah fame! She picked up some wide legged Castle jeans. They are apparently all set to be the big brand in the jean world this year. Take not people.

Fraser recently had to open up the store for the Britney Spears to have a shopping spree at 2am. He described it as utter madness at the store – with ample paparazzi following the start watch her shop. She bought over $10,000 worth of swag within minutes  – including two LAMB bags to carry her dogs in…..

And just because I’m out here shopping at Kitson doesn’t mean you guys can’t shop here too – log onto www.shopkitson.com.

Yesterday was a big day for celebrity news too – Angelina Jolie stepped out at the Independent Spirit Awards in Santa Monica and showed off a visibly pregnant body! Just like she did last time around, the actress has clearly kept her pregnancy under wraps for months and finally showed off a big bump on the red carpet with Brad Pitt on her arm. Check out the bump shot here. She must be over four months…..

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