Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles launch party gossip

Posted by Dean Piper On February 20th, 2008

Another day, another fun party for little old me. This time it was a funny dress up party to launch the brand new Virgin One TV show Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles – the spin off show based on the Terminator films of yester year!

After viewing the first episode and sinking a few raspberry vodka cocktails we were invited to head to the back of the venue, 24 on Kingly Street, where the organizers had set up a Laser Quest style game for everyone to try out. It took me back to my days of visiting Laser Quest in Staines with my swimming club friends. It was definitely a trip down memory lane!

They even had make-up girls dotted around the venue painting on Terminator style war wounds. I didn’t partake I’m glad to say!

Sarah Harding’s DJ boyfriend Tom Crane was on the decks to spin some mechanical style tunes. But it didn’t sound like he had the best night in the world. My mole at the bash reveals: “Tom was on his mobile arguing with Sarah. She had been at home cleaning their flat all day and she wanted to him home earlier than what he was scheduled. Sarah told him not to bother coming back apparently so he crashed on a mate’s couch.”

Other guests at the swanky bash included former Busted hunk Charlie Simpson and his band Fightstar. He’s lost his boyish cuteness and nowadays he just looks like a greasy twenty something rocker. Shame! Eastenders actor Rob Kazinski was also there – not as hot in real life may I add….

Bo Selecta genius Leigh Francis turned out as well – in character as Keith Lemon. I caught Keith describing in a TV interview how he was harder than Rambo and the Terminator put together. He said: “I am hard as mate. And I will always be back.” Indeed.
Organisers had to literally carry a drunken Francis out of the bash towards the end of the night. Eeeek.

Tune in to Virgin 1, Thursday 21st at 10pm to see the first episode. If you love Terminator (like we all secretly do) then you’ll love this new series. It’s a corker.

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