Daniel Radcliffe talks girls…..

Posted by Dean Piper On February 18th, 2008

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has a novel approach when working out what sort of date to take a lady friend on. He told me: “I think in girls I look mostly for intelligence – I would take them paintballing on a first date! That’s a joke – I’m slightly more romantic than that!” He also revealed there’s only twelve weeks left until the end of filming on the next Potter film – the Half-Blood Prince. He added: “We’ve been filming now for about seven months. I think we’ve got arguably the best support cast we’ve ever had and filming couldn’t be better.” Wands at the ready people!

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  1. Gresilda Says:

    I am really convinced that except Dan is very ,very talented ,he is also intelligent.Thats really good and i think this will help him a lot in his carrer.Wish him all the best!

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