Fashion week continues: Kerry Katona, Perez Hilton, Kelly Osbourne and Peaches Geldof

Posted by Dean Piper On February 14th, 2008

Me and Kerry Katona

I’m the first to admit that personally I couldn’t give a flying toss about the likes of Kerry Katona. But she does have a sweet little heart underneath her tough exterior and she’s looking, er, swell at six months pregnant with her fourth child.

The former Atomic Kitten singer Kerry and hubby Mark Croft were at posh London venue The Hospital in Covent Garden for the launch of their new reality show Kerry Katona: Crazy In Love that goes out for the first time this Sunday on MTV One at 10pm.

A few observations – Mark had got himself a spray tan before arriving there and looking like a traffic cone he was so orange.

Kerry, who gobbled chips with mayo constantly as she spoke to me, could barely breathe as she was so out of breath and wheezy.

Amazingly Kerry’s put on FOUR stone so far in this pregnancy and she has three months to go – scary.

I wish her all the best and look forward to seeing her fitness video within three months of the birth.

I met up with my friend Perez Hilton of blogging fame and we grabbed a taxi to the next venue for a store launch on Regent Street. I won’t mention the brand because they were twits and didn’t invite me… I got myself in to spite them.

We met up with Kelly Osbourne on the street outside the venue with some of her buddies and went into the shop where Kel was DJ-ing and Mark Ronson was performing live.
Had a lovely chat with Sophie Ellis Bextor and her hubby Richard Jones from the Feeling. They talked ‘music’ with Perez for a bit. Sophie and Perez LOVE Adele.

On our way out we got caught up in a load of commotion because the silly bouncers had shut off the escalator route out – so we found ourselves stuck in an over crowded lift that wouldn’t move. We were next to the lovely Peaches Geldof. Everyone was yelling for somebody to get out – we stood our ground as me and Perez were there before Geldof. Annoyingly she wasn’t budging anywhere… we gave in and got the hell out. Peaches, you owe me Missy!
When the lift finally returned it was jam packed and Kimberly Stewart stormed out wanting to get a view of Ronson performing. Loving her short hair nowadays. Also there were Lady Victoria Hervey, Hannah Sandling and Drag Queen Jodie Harsh!

Tonight will be my fifth night on the trot party hopping. I’m doing Vivienne Westwood’s show – where Kate Moss will walk the runway for the first time in five years – and the exclusive Mulberry event.

I kid you not – I will be a recluse for the weekend. Friends of mine should be warned now not to text or call. I won’t be replying until rested and refreshed. No matter who it is!

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